Answer to ELIP1


Here is the answer to ‘ELIP1: Streamlining RTP Process to Enable Tokenization of Diverse Real-World Assets on ELYSIA Protocol’.

The proposal included the following:

  • Design tokenization forms for diverse RWAs
  • Simplifying Governance Procedures Reflecting RWA Characteristics
    • Adjust governance period
    • RTP forum procedure omitted

The vote for this proposal on the ELYSIA snapshot had held on April 13, 2023 KST, and the proposal received a lot of participation from community members. A total of 18 accounts participated in the vote with 227 million EL during this period, 100% said they agreed with the proposal.

Based on the active suggestions and feedbacks of these community members, the ELYSIA team will implement this suggestion of the proposal. Also, the governance procedure for RTP will be optimized considering RWAs.


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